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Why Digital Government Should Scare You

Only 27% of the data about you held by government agencies is encrypted in the Europen Union.

With GDPR, you’d think that Europe would be more secure. A recent study says that 97% of businesses and other entities in Europe “use sensitive personal data” as part of their digital transformation. In short moving from paper to the cloud, particularly for a lot of government services. Only 27% of them are encrypting that data.

That means that virtually all of your data, which here includes things like bio-metrics, DNA prints, finger prints, voice prints, retina scans, medical histories, financial records including all of your transactions, are likely being stored un-encrypted in a cloud somewhere. That might be a reputable cloud provider, but it might also be a “Cloud” which consists of a couple of servers wedged into a storage closet in the back of someone’s garage.

61% of them have been already been breached at some point with almost half of those breaches occurring during the last 12 months. Encryption and tokeninsation are things people…. There needs to be standards for governments storing information about their citizens.

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