Russian Hackers Attacking E-voting

Let me put on my shocky face for that announcement. I seem to recall being told to remove my tin foil hat when I mentioned this back when everyone wanted to vote from their cell phone. Networking your voting apparatus is really good way to make sure that it gets hacked.

Banks, SSL vendors and others keep certain critical systems off line and locked in a vault for a reason. Having worked for a company that was basically an outsourced branch of the DOD, I can tell you first hand that there are places where no outside network connection is allowed. Why? Because air gap works.

Now we have a hot mess of an election that we have to sort out. Issues with software not counting votes correctly. Provenance of large batches of ballots. If you shouldn’t send cash through the mail, why would you send your vote that way? I think voting is far more important than a few dollars. Anyone who disagrees with me should immediately pop $500 in an envelope and address it to themselves, pop on a first class stamp and drop it in the nearest mail box.

Way to go, my fellow Americans. You can line up and social distance to go to Target, Wal-Mart, and CVS but not to vote? We needed to have a clear and uncontested winner of the presidential election so that we can start patching up the rifts created in our society by the psy-ops that have been running on social media. Did we get it? Oh no… we had to vote by mail and using crappy software.

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